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Can SARS correct my assessment?

A taxpayer who is aggrieved by an assessment or decision of SARS against that taxpayer has the right to dispute that assessment or decision. If an original assessment has not been issued, SARS may request a taxpayer to submit an amended return to correct an undisputed error made in the prior return.

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HVM internal news | interne nuus

We as HVM found ourselves extremely involved in many exciting activities leading into the end of the year, from sponsored events to our annual team-building. The perfect way to end another year of excellent service!

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Find out if your home office is tax-deductible

Tax practitioners have been inundated with queries from clients on the possible relief offered by the South African Revenue Service (“SARS”) on the possibility of deducting from their taxable income home office expenses due to the shift in working policies by many employers. 

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HVM internal news | interne nuus

HVM recently attended the annual GMN Africa meeting virtually. We are proud to announce that our director, Vermeulen Badenhorst, was once again elected on the GMN Africa Committee, holding the HVM name in very high esteem.

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HVM internal news | interne nuus

A warm welcome to each and every one after a well-deserved break at the end of an interesting 2020! HVM would like to wish our staff and clients a happy, healthy and blessed 2021! The year started with a bang as we entered Tax-season and welcomed three new faces to the HVM family: Christiaan, Zinia and Franco.

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