About HVM Accountants

HVM Accountants is a fully fledged, unique audit and accountancy firm that opened its doors in November 2007. Over the years HVM has expanded its offering to encompass audits, reviews, accounting services and tax administration as part of its service. HVM is made up of three directors and multiple staff members. We are uniquely positioned to offer clients the services they require and deserve.

The name HVM was born from the first names of the founders Herman and Vermeulen and their Dutch partner at the time Maes Incorporated. This Dutch link enabled HVM to establish a Dutch desk with the Dutch Consulate assisting and serving many Dutch residents living in South Africa. Services include cross border wills, tax planning and payroll administration. HVM also forms part of a global accounting association called GMNI.

Company Profile

HVM prides itself on providing premium quality and ethical services to their clients and delivering all duties with integrity. Relationships form part of their DNA, and a personal offering is at the forefront of HVM’s values.


Completely statisfied clients and staff


We aim to stay at the leading edge of our industry. Constantly evaluate our performance and maintain staff morale.


  • Acknowledge God, without Whom no values can exist

  • Recognise that all values are subordinate to the values JESUS CHRIST teaches us in His Word

Being Industrious:
– Exceed Expectations
– Go over and above our duty for clients and each other
– Always act pro-actively
– Do not compare workloads
– Continuously raise standards
– Serve Quality Clients
– Stay aware of time to ensure effectiveness
– Stay up to date with industry developments

Having Respect:
– Enhance potential
– Support each other
– Show sincere interest
– Desire happiness for others
– Acknowledge talents
– Respect human dignity
– Be open
– Be sensitive
– Improve each other’s area of experience
– Listen before speaking
– Know when to keep quiet and when to speak
– Strive to understand, even if our clients do not
– Offer the best solutions
– Work in neat and tidy offices
– Evaluate thoroughly and honestly
– Communicate effectively and clearly

International Associations

HVM has international affiliations being part of GMNI and GMNI Africa, with whom they share training resources. GMNI provides a service platform for HVM’s international clients. Vermeulen Badenhorst service on the GMNI International Board of directors.

Social Development

As a socially savvy business, HVM strives to give back to the local community by being involved in several social responsibility projects, achieved by being a contributor to the local feeding scheme and child welfare. HVM assists in projects involving predominantly black ownership by helping with the day to day running of the business, including finance and bookkeeping.

HVM also give back to the community through various sponsorships to schools and non-profit organisations.

Languages Used