Sentio Audit

Sentio Audit

If you’re an existing audit client, you have heard about Sentio Audit Incorporated. The question is frequently being asked who and why we use another company.

About Sentio Audit

Sentio was created in 2021. The main reason for that was when Christa Niemand joined as a director of HVM we were not allowed to perform anymore audit functions in HVM. Our regulator, The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors (“IRBA”), required that an auditing firm directors and shareholders should all be Registered Auditors. The partners of Sentio will always be partners of HVM who is current registered auditors with IRBA.

Since Christa is not an auditor, we decided to create a new company that is purely used for auditing clients. All other function such as taxation and accounting are still being performed by HVM.

The meaning of Sentio is to think, realize, see, and understand. All of which fits perfectly in an audit environment.

Our main brand is HVM and HVM is the brand and company we will also use for promoting our services.

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